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TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to Strengthen & Expand Social Security

Our letter supports campaigns by People For the American Way, Social Security Works, Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund, Coalition On Human Needs, and others.

It  asks Congress to craft legislation to expand benefits, extend the lifespan of the trust fund, and pay for it by making the rich pay their fair share.

We will send the following email message to your Senators and your Representative:

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It's Time for Millionaires to Contribute Their Fair Share to Social Security

February 23, 2021: Millionaires Are Done Paying Into Social Security for the Year

February 13, 2019: A Late Valentine? Millionaires Stop Paying into Social Security on February 18th

January 8, 2021: Column: U.S. billionaires are done with Social Security taxes for 2021, but you’ll pay all year

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Subject: Expand & strengthen Social Security. Adjust the payroll tax cap.

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