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Updating Your Profile

You may want to print this page for reference before proceeding.

Login in to your account. If you haven't done so before, or need assistance, click here.

  1. On the Home Page tab (it's at the top of the screen), you'll see "Welcome to your profile manager." Here is where you can choose the kinds of letters that you'd like to receive, as well as those that you don't want to receive. You can also choose to receive updates about Jim and to volunteer. Just click on the checkbox of the message that you want to receive. If you're listed as a "Member" for message that you don't want to receive, just click on "Remove"
  2. On the Your Profile tab, be sure to complete all the information. If this isn't complete, we may have problems sending your letters.

Contact Information

Title = Ms., Mr., Miss., Mrs., Professor, The Honorable, etc.

First Name, Last Name, Email = self-explanatory

Email Preference = HTML (Pictures and hyperlinks), Text email = plain text

Phone, cell phone = self explanatory


Change Your Password

In the next section you can change your password. Don't forget to click the Update Password button.

Address Information

This information is necessary in order for the system to determine your Congressional and Senatorial districts. Without this information, letters cannot be sent. Again, don't forgot to cllick the Submit Changes button.

Other Information

How do you want your name to appear as a signature to letters? = What name would you like us to use when sending letters to Congress and the President. Many people use their first and last names and a middle initial.

Letter closing (Sincerely, Yours truly, etc.) = Many people simply use "Sincerely" but some prefer a more personalized closing.

How would you like to be addressed: "Dear ___" = Example: If your name is James, perhaps you'd like us to address you as Jim or Jamie. If your name is Susan, perhaps you'd like us to address you as Sue or Susie.

Gender = Self explanatory

These titles are the only ones accepted by the White House web site. Please choose one. = Regardless of how you'd like us to address you, the White House accepts only these titles. Choose the one most applicable.

If you still need assistance, you can email us by clicking here.